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Company Overview

Ophelos Therapeutics Pty Ltd is an Australian corporation based in Melbourne, led by pioneers in innovation of biomedical product and services, supported by a seasoned pharma management team and respected scientific research team.  As a result of many years of research and development, the Company’s science team has discovered a novel technology platform that has led to the development of new pro-drugs of the most prescribed chemotherapy drugs with improved pharmacological cancer selectivity and decreased toxicological properties.

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Potential Compounds

Despite the extensive clinical utilization and success of chemotherapy drugs, serious and life-threatening toxic effects are associated with their administration.  To prevent and manage these serious problems,
premedication and post-medication must routinely be administered, which
increases the possibility of drug interactions.

This is the major reason why administration of chemotherapy drugs are
performed in a hospital environment.

Therefore, an improved chemotherapy drug formulation, which could minimise the adverse effects associated with these drugs, while retaining similar anticancer activity, would greatly benefit cancer patients and their caregivers. 


Platform Overview

Glycoconjugates represent a recent trend in cancer chemotherapy that adopts the concept of selective prodrug/drug targeting of tumor cells by binding to specific transmembrane glucose transporters. Following preferential uptake of sugar conjugates into cancer cells, they are presumably subject to enzymatic cleavage by specific beta-glycosidases to liberate the free active cytotoxic aglycones that act selectively on cancer cells and spare other noncancerous ones.

Why Us

Our core technology exhibits substantial competitive advantages in drug discovery over the use of standard medicinal chemistry protocols.


Ophelos’s groundbreaking technology offers tremendous promise to millions of patients suffering from cancer.  If you would like to learn more about Ophelos, our technology platform, our research drug pipeline in progress, please contact us…