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Ophelos is proud to work with groups of investors that share the company’s vision of developing improved cancer drugs.  If you are committed to this vision and want to learn more about Ophelos, please contact us at….


Ophelos understands the power of collaboration and recognizes that our technology platform may offer significant utility to other organizations looking for ways to improve the cancer targeting abilities of their lead drugs.  We welcome discussion to explore potential partnerships that will advance your research and development efforts to help alleviate the suffering caused by cancer.  Also, we are interested in any organizations who can help us further develop our existing prodrug pipeline.  If you would like to explore a collaboration with Ophelos, please contact us at….



Ophelos is dedicated to improving the quality of life of people afflicted with cancer.  Our team is comprised of individuals who are driven by difficult challenges and trailblazing research.  We are a committed group that brings many different talents to the task.  If you are interested in making a difference and excited by the prospect of achieving things no one has been able to do before, consider Ophelos.  Send your resume to…